We welcome help from anyone at any time, always something to do. If you are interested in serving on one of the committees or the Board, please let us know. For a description of committees and officer responsibilities and requirements please refer to the Bylaws Article 3 and Article 5 respectively.

Vice-President & Tripoli Rocketry Association Prefect
James Hudspeth

Retired military with 23 years of service, degree in aerospace tech, machinist, welder, L3 certified, mentor and sponsor of student rocket teams, aerospace instructor in the Civil Air Patrol.

Henry Coffey
6624 Rolling Fork
Nashville, TN 37205

My first experience with model rocketry was back in the early 60’s with an Estes Rocket my father, I and a friend launched at an apple orchard. Fast forward to the present, I started launching rockets at our site in KY in 2018 and became treasurer of MC2 in February of 2021. I am slowly working my way up the letter scale from A rated mortars to now E’s and F’s. I am one of the few members with a “grandparent” membership and bring my grandson at least once every launch season. Are L1, 2 and 3 certifications in my future? Maybe, but for now I enjoy adding electronics to my mid and low power rockets and working on my building skills.

Allen Hall (NAR #98014, Tripoli #16881)
1612 Dove Circle
Spring Hill TN 37174

Allen is a born-again rocketeer, returning to the activity in 2014 after a 3-decade hiatus. Since 2016 he has served in various leadership roles at MC2. Level 2 certified, he mentors students and others sharing his knowledge and experience promoting and advocating for rocketry, and more generally aerospace and STEM. An IT consultant by trade he spends his days architecting and implementing database driven systems and software. He holds a B.S. in Aerospace Technology from Middle Tennessee State University.

NAR Advisor
Drew Nickle
900 Sycamore Drive
Manchester TN 37355

Tripoli Rocketry Association Secretary
Richard Booth