MC2 has establish a new high power launch site near Olmstead Kentucky. We are also fortunate to have a county operated site at Chickasaw Trace Park outside Columbia Tennessee in Maury County.

Olmstead Kentucky
301 Lawrence Rd, Olmstead, KY 42265
36.71184385675275, -86.99571412268081

In addition to our club's members, many rocket teams from universities throughout the Southeast and Mid-west fly with us as well! This means several spectacular flights involving large rockets! Whether you are a flyer or a spectator, a novice, expert, or a born-again rocketeer, our launches are always a lot of fun!

9K MSL standing waiver with a window up to 17k from 11am-3pm or as restricted by ATC and weather conditions. For flights over 8k or n-stages (where n>1) please submit an Open Rocket or RockSim file to 8 days prior (the Friday a week before the scheduled launch so we can check it over the weekend and use the highest altitude + margin for that week's particular NOTAM). No "sparkies", no night launches, no drones over 400 ft. During the summer launches, “pathing” through the rows may be possible. Regardless, use 0-90 degree pathing between the crop rows when recovering rockets.

Setup activities typically begin at 9:00 am and the range closes at 4:00pm (later during the spring and summer at the RSOs discretion). Please stay and help us breakdown, so that the equipment will be stowed before the rapidly approaching sunset.

Pads to cover low through high power with rods through 1/4" and rails: micro, mini, 1010 (8') and 1515 (12').

Newbies, do not worry, we will give you plenty of support and will even loan you a rocket to fly! Only NAR or Tripoli members with proof of current certification will be allowed to fly High Power. Members fly free at club launches, all others subject to a daily launch fee of $5.00 per flyer.

Chickasaw Trace Park, Aeropark
1419 Santa Fe Pike, Columbia, TN 38401
35.666700250512456, -87.08770004371921

Through G Class, so essentially model rockets only. However, due to site dimensions some flights requiring L1 certification can be flown as long as an FAA COA (waiver) is not required.

Generally 365 days a year, dawn-to-dusk. Special events can close the Aeropark for flying. Note: Model rocket and R/C flyers share the field. It can be very busy on weekends and holidays; however, you will likely find yourself the only ones on the field at other times. Generally the R/C flyers love to see some rockets. They are the larger group of users. Coordination and politeness goes a long way towards ensuring the field stays open to rocketry activities.

Concrete and grass R/C airstrip with dedicated launch area for model rockets. Minimum dimension of the recovery area is approx. 1000 feet; however, due to the recently capped landfill adjacent to the aeropark, some downwind recoveries, unobstructed by trees, are possible out to over 2000 feet. Limited amount of gravel parking. No launch equipment available at site, you'll need to bring your own. Canopies, tables, etc… are allowed

Restrooms, playgrounds, & pavilions just over the hill behind the flightline. 9-miles of hiking and mountain bike trails (trails map). R/C Car dirt track.

Chickasaw Trace Park is on the outskirts of Columbia TN and a short drive to Spring Hill with numerous food and lodging options.